How to enter bills in Quickbooks Desktop

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Learn how to record or enter a bill in QuickBooks Desktop.

In QuickBooks, you can record transactions that you need to pay at a future date, including expenses incurred, materials purchased, or services provided by a vendor. This way, you can keep track of all your accounts payables and know what or when a bill needs to be paid.

  1. Go to the Vendors menu, then select Enter Bills.
  2. Select a vendor from the dropdown, then fill out the required fields:
    • Date – The date you received the bill.
    • Amount – The total amount of the bill.
    • Due date – The due date of the bill.
  3. Select the type of bill you want to record:
    Note: For more details on how to record a bill against inventory, check our guide for Windows or Mac.
    • Expenses – Record a bill for expenses incurred by the business such as phone service, rent, and utilities.
    • Items – Record a bill for anything that your company buys, sells, or resells in the course of business such as products, shipping and handling charges, and discounts.
  4. Select Save to record the bill.

Note: You can also record a vendor refund or credit in QuickBooks.

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